Radiation in daily life!

We have been living in an environment where radioactive substances are everywhere and also released by any radioactive substances exists in the ground, sea and air.

Radiation in daily life!

From smartphones to x-ray machines, we can’t escape radiation in any way with our lives engrossed amidst electronics and electrical networks! We have been living in an environment where radioactive substances are everywhere and radiation is continuously released by any radioactive substances that exist in the ground, sea and the air we breathe.

It is almost impossible to avoid the aftermaths of man-made radiation coming out of our smartphones, Wi-Fi networks, microwave ovens, X-ray machines, security scanners, radio, television and various other electronic equipments.

The electromagnetic energy cannot be seen, smelled or touched but it can only be measured by scientific equipment. Similarly radiation emitting from these electronics are not tangible and have detrimental repercussions of such electromagnetic energy in the form of physical or mental damage.
These harmful radiations cannot be escaped fully but there are ways both natural and artificial which can be beneficial in keeping your body and mind safe from them. Otherwise once they’ve gotten inside your body, the risks of detrimental health issues such as cell death, DNA damage, and cancer risk can be increased exposing your body to a range of destructive diseases. Moreover, when you are exposed to radiation on a higher level, this can accentuate the chance of radiation sickness, i.e. radiation poisoning which can lead to premature aging or even death.

In short, Radiation is like slow poison – it kills you gently without you getting aware of its effects! So, how can you safeguard yourself from radiation? Well, there are plenty of ways to do it.

At Ionic Radiation Solutions Limited, we offer a wide range of products that are specialized designed to secure you from radiation. Anti-Radiation Mobile Patch, Mobile Radiation Pocket Guard, Microwave Oven Apron, Laptop Radiation Shield and several other products are curated specifically to protect you from detrimental radiation and to make sure you live in a radiation-free zone, stay healthy, be safe!

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