Radiation Effect on Human Body

Brain Tumors, leukemia cancer in Children and Tumors of Acoustic nerve are reported on the top when the effects of radiation were assessed.

Radiation Effects on Human Body                                   

Radiation can have a colossally dangerous impact on human body. Major effects include, cell death, DNA Damage, Brain tumors, Leukemia cancer in children, tumors of acoustic, cancer risk, premature aging or even death.

The effects of radiation can be divided into two categories:

  1. Stochastic Health Effects
  2. Non-Stochastic Health Effects


Stochastic Health Effects are those that happen with a long-term, low-level (chronic) exposure to radiation. They occur with years of radiation exposure and this way can change the type or severity of the effect.

These effects include: cancer, DNA mutations, genetic damage, etc.


Non-stochastic health effects are those effects that occur with an exposure to high and massive levels of radiation. These effects generally rely on the dose of the radiation you are exposed to. The greater the exposure, the more will be the damage. With short-term, high-level exposure, the impacts are non-cancerous but still detrimental.

These effects include: Burns and Radiation sickness (radiation poisoning)

Safe Amount of Radiation

Deciphering the safe amount of radiation is quite hard. As per the McGraw-Hill’s dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, the unit of Ionizing Radiation is ‘Rem’ and its damage caused to humans is regarded as equal to one roentgen of high-voltage x-rays. Another unit of measurement for radiation is ‘Sievert’ (Sv) which is considered as the unit for radiation absorption. This measurement unit is from the International System of Units (SI).

Even with these two measurement units, the issue is that the human body has a different response to a different level of radiation dose. Further, there are two other units, Radiation Absorbed Dose (RAD), and Gray (Gy). All these units mostly depend on how the measurement is done depending on the different aspects of radiation doses. But Rem and Sievert are generally used for biological effects.

Environment Protection Agency (EPA), a federal body in charge of safeguarding human health and environment has recommended following threshold levels in Rem for the non-stochastic effects of Radiation.

5-10 Changes in Blood Chemistry
50 Nausea Hours
55 Fatigue
70 Vomiting
75 Hair loss 2-3 weeks
90 Diarrhea
100 Hemorrhage
400 Within 2 months, possible death
1,000 Destruction of intestinal Lining, internal bleeding and death 1-2 weeks
2,000 Damage of central nervous system loss of consciousness; minutes and death in hours to days

Radiation Safety Solutions

Opting for radiation safe products is a pivotal step towards securing yourself from harmful radiation. With radiation emitting continuously from electronics, these products are created to minimize the exposure to radiation and securing your body from the effects of these radiation. Further, doing a Radiation Audit of your home/building premises is also important to ensure you live/work in a safe atmosphere.

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