Mobile Radiation Pocket Guard

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Ionic Radiation Solutions has in its Radiule products and accessories range a complete line of specially designed radiation safe mobile accessories that ensure that the least portion of the Electromagnetic radiation reaches your body and brain (only 4% of electromagnetic waves are required to receive a call and Radiule accessories only lets that much field to come across).

Mobile Radiation Pocket Guard

If you are someone who is always glued to your smartphone, you are unaware of the radiation that it emits and how slowly it starts impacting your brain health along with damaging your cells and other hazardous effects.

That’s where a Mobile Radiation Pocket Guard comes in to protect your body from interacting with the radiation that gets continuously emitted from mobile phones. If you are starting to experience headaches, dizziness, fatigue, nausea etc. by spending hours on your smartphone, a Mobile Radiation Pocket Guard will secure you from these symptoms that are often behind diseases such as brain tumor and cell damage.

EMF and EMR radiation from mobile phones have been found to be carcinogenic, i.e. causing cancer. Mobile Radiation Pocket Guard from Ionic Radiation is a product which blocks these unsafe radiations and neutralizes their impact in order to protect your brain as well as other body parts from encountering these radiations thus ensuring your safety from these radiations.

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