Laptop Radiation Shield

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Ionic Radiation Solutions has in its Radiule products and accessories range a complete line of specially designed radiation safe mobile accessories that ensure that the least portion of the Electromagnetic radiation reaches your body and brain (only 4% of electromagnetic waves are required to receive a call and Radiule accessories only lets that much field to come across).

Laptop Radiation Shield

Laptops possess the potential of exposing your body to harmful electromagnetic radiation that can wreak havoc in your body by increasing the chances of DNA damage, male and female infertility, stress and hazardous impact on the brain. Laptops have become a necessity in corporate environment and even in households, people are moving from personal computers to laptops. While you can try minimizing the time you spend on your laptop regularly, you will still not be able to safeguard yourself completely from the radiation. Hence, the best way to protect yourself is by using Laptop Radiation Shields that will protect your body from interacting with the radiation.

Laptop Radiation Shield by Ionic Radiation is a radiation safe product which is designed specifically to place under the laptop and make it safer to put on your lap or anywhere you want to work at. They are ultra-mobile and travel-friendly as you can put them into your laptop bag or travelling bag.

A Laptop radiation shield safeguards your body from the emission of EMF and EMR radiation that comes from the laptop. This shield comes with a flat surface that permits air to seamlessly pass through the heat dissipation channel of the laptop. They are comfortable and light-weight as well and makes sure that do not cause any disturbance to any position you are taking while working on the laptop.

Using this laptop radiation shield, you can keep yourself and your children safe from the harm of radiation and heat without spending less time on laptop or worrying about the risks of EMF and EMR radiation!

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