How can you minimize ‘Cancer risk’ created by Smartphones?

How can you minimize ‘Cancer risk’ created by Smartphones?

Many researches have concluded that cell phones emit a form of Radiofrequency (RF) waves which has been further linked to brain tumors or other tumors in the head and neck area. Smart phones produce the RF radiation in highest amount when held close to ear while making a call. Most common complaints reported are sleep disruption, visual disorders, headache, lack of focus, heart relating diseases etc.

Not aware of the risk factors associated with the prolonged use of cellphones, it has always been our most favorite pastime. All of us carry them in our pockets while working at office or travelling to a destination. And, some of us keep it close to our hearts and brain even when asleep.

On the contrary, after a comprehensive study, the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection has come up with a list of smartphones, ranging them according to their intensity to emit radiation. The smart phones manufactured by Chinese vendors and Apple Inc. are on top of the list which pose much risk on human body.

More so, all cellphones have SAR rates on the package of their products. SAR is ‘specific absorption rate’ which signifies harmful radiation absorbed by your body tissue while using a particular handset. Thus, higher the SAR rate, higher the risk. 

The moment you make a call, your mobile procures signals from a telecom tower located nearby and starts discharging harmful electromagnetic radiation. Such radiation can cause ear damage, infertility, skin disease, DNA damage, depression, concentration problems etc.

Keeping in mind the risk factors, the team of Radiule has carried out research for many years before designing Anti-Radiation Mobile Smart Patch- a protective shield. This shield was made up of nickel with a coating of silver and it is extremely effective to protect you from electromagnetic radiation, once it is pasted on the back side of your cellphone.

How does Radiule’s Anti-Radiation Mobile Smart Patch work?

  • The anti-radiation mobile smart patch has certain properties which can change the nature of harmful RF radiation emitted by your cellphone
  • This anti-radiation patch can also absorb and lock electromagnetic radiation
  • This smart patch reduces the pressure accumulated by smart phone and its signal due to harmful radiation energy
  • Unlike other shields available in the market, it helps to maintain the quality of your phone its functionality and signal strength
  • It will eliminate the risk of headache, sleep disorder, blood pressure issues, skin disease, memory problems, fatigue, depression, brain or other cancer caused due to the prolonged use of handset.