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Ionic Radiation Solutions Limited (IRSL) was established in the year 2013 in collaboration with ‘Ionic Radiation Solution Incorporation’, USA. IRSL specializes in a wide array of products and services under the Trademark of ‘RadiULE’ that will ensure a radiation safe lifestyle.

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The idea, to make the lives safe from Radiation, was borrowed from World renowned organization like American National Standards Institute (ANSI) & the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). These organization had done a thorough study and research thereby concluded that there are certain levels and time limits beyond which human body should not be exposed to Electromagnetic energy.


Our Vision & Missison

Human civilization since its advent has always been on a course of development which is never-ending. It has always found and invented things to make life and survival easier. Electronics play a major role in this course. From the development of the first electrical machine in 19th century AD, there is no looking back. Humans have successfully become dependent, addicted to machines and electronics which is presently justifiable because they make work faster and life easier. But, making life convenient alone can never be the motive, it should always be sought with to make the lives healthier and we do the same.

Most of us are not aware of the fact that no matter wherever you are, whether at home, office or any other place, you are being continuously exposed to radiation. There are Cellphone Towers, Electricity Transformers, Electrical Appliances and Electrical Networks that create unnatural frequency field in a low and high form, also known as “Electro Smog”. The amount of radiation in excess of the prescribed limits is dangerous because of the potential effect that it has on living cells.

According to a recent study, our human body consists largely of water which is controlled by bioelectrical impulses. Whenever the human body is exposed to an invisible electromagnetic field, created by any Electrical Network or Appliance then the rays can interfere with the messages and signals sent by bioelectrical impulses. Hence, the radiation can make an entrance into the human body and have the potential to trouble its biological processes.

It can never be urged to take the complete civilization back in ‘electronics -less’ (without any electrical machinery) era but it can be motivated to choose a healthier living option that allows you to continue with the modern age appliances without facing harmful radiation coming from them.

Therefore ‘Ionic team’ persevered for many years to come up with various solutions. Henceforth, IRSL has discovered some personal fabric for daily wear and uniforms for your official wear. It’s highly designed products ensure that no amount of radiation penetrates and reaches your body.

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