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Radiation Effect on Human Body

Brain Tumors, leukemia cancer in Children and Tumors of Acoustic nerve are reported on the top when the effects of radiation were assessed.

Safe Amount of Radiation

Radiation is measured in two different units ‘Rem’ and ‘Sievert’. The human body has a different response to a different level of radiation dose.

Radiation Safety Solution

The ‘Ionic Radiation solutions limited’ has an expert team of professionals which is well equipped to carry out Radiation Audit of your space/ building.

Radiation in daily life!

We have been living in an environment where radioactive substances are everywhere and also released by any radioactive substances exists in the ground, sea and air. But these days, we have been struggling with the aftermaths of man-made radiation coming out of X-ray machines, television, radio, cellphone, other electronics and electrical networks.
The electromagnetic energy cannot be seen, smelled or touched but it can only be measured by scientific equipment.
We, due to our human tendencies, remain ignorant to the radiation energy emitted by various electronics and electrical networks till the moment we encounter the repercussions of such electromagnetic energy in the form of any physical or mental injury.

What specialists are saying?


Radiule’s Anti-Radiation Mobile Patch

According to a study, electromagnetic radiation can leave a disastrous effect on delicate areas of organs (including ear, eye and brain). This mobile patch specially designed embedded with technology and prevents mobile from producing excessive heat and electromagnetic radiation.

Dr. Anamika Chaturvedi
(Surgical Oncologist)

Radiule’s Mobile Radiation Pocket Guard

Many of us are used to carry our most favorite gadgets in heart pocket. Proved under certain studies, the mobile frequencies can alter the rhythm of the heart and electromagnetic energy could push ‘reactive oxygen species’ (relating to aging and disease) to grow rapidly Radiule pocket Guard acts as a shield against harmful EMF radiation.

Dr. Peter Avery

Radiule’s Microwave/Oven Apron

Numerous researches concluded that every microwave has a radioactive source which can change the DNA structure and further turns into Cancer. Irregular heartbeat, memory loss, headaches, infertility, hormonal imbalance are also reported in some cases. Radiule’s Microwave/Oven Apron made up of radiation-safety material, technically tested and proved, majorly reduces the radiated wavelength and eliminates all health risk associated with exposure to microwave.

Dr. Angela Boyer

Laptop Radiation Shield

Excessive use of Laptops would lead to highest levels of heat radiation. And, laptops generate electromagnetic radiation from storage and computing processing. Leading experts have known for many years that heat and electromagnetic radiation exposure smoothen the path for insomnia, cancers, breathlessness, fatigue, skin damage etc.

Dr. Raman Chopra

We work to keep you Safe!

Ionic Radiation Solutions Limited has a wide array of specially designed products and accessories (under the brand name of Radiule) for your Cellphones, Laptops, Microwave Oven and other electronics. Overwhelming amount of theories and experiments are there behind the creation of every single product or accessory to ensure that only the least amount of Electromagnetic Radiation, emitted by your electronics, should touch your body and brain.

Anti-Radiation Mobile Patch

The vision to fabricate the accessory realized after numerous researches concluded that EMF radiation has dangerous impact on our health, from sleep patterns to cancer.

Mobile Radiation Pocket Guard

Loads of time and money have been spent looking into the matter as how radiation frequencies produced by cellphone affect your heart. This pocket card is a shield against such EMF radiation.

Microwave Oven Apron

Many research papers and surveys claimed that microwave radiation can contribute to weakness, memory loss, affects immune system and damages DNA. Radiule’s apron is a protective shield that pushes back such radiation.

Laptop Radiation shield

Laptop radiation is the electromagnetic radiation that emanates from the electronic device while it is being used and tends to create a magnetic field in the surrounding area.

Common Sources of Radiation

Telecom Towers

Due to the rapid use of cell phones, number of telecom towers have been increasing every other day almost at all places across many countries. These towers send and receive Radiofrequency (RF) signals through electronic equipment and antennas.

About Radiule

Radiule is a brand under the flagship company Ionic Radiation Solutions that brings to you a wide range of products to protect you from the dire effects of radiation, thus keep you and your family safe & healthy.

Even WHO, the World Health Organization, a leader in health-related advocacy, indicates that ‘radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of BRAIN CANCER…’

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

The ever-increasing use of electricity and wireless devices has now caused the human body to be radiated by human-made electromagnetic fields more than ever before, we aim to address the potential sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF) at your home or workplace. A detailed report will then be collated to understand and minimize your exposure to EMF.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Audit

Ionic Radiation Solution Limited has a team of expert specialist and professionals who have developed a highly effective process to assess the magnitude of EMF radiation which is technology based and cost-effective. The EMF audit service includes EMF testing, Radiation investigations, Land usage analysis and EMF consulting services etc.

Electromagnetic Field Testing

As the world becomes increasingly electrified, more and more people are conscious about their health.

There are thousands of papers that have raised concerns about the electromagnetic fields in our homes, and this has been further substantiated by the World Health Organisation’s admission that such fields are ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’.

Nothing can keep you from accessing the high-end equipment as they make life easy and save valuable time. Ionic Radiation Solutions has come out with certain scientifically developed solutions that will allow you to continue your lifestyle with complete radiation safety.

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